The Artist


I was born and raised in Chillicothe, Ohio, where I’ve lived nearly all my life. When the sun is up, I’m a painter. When the sun is down, I’m a singer of songs. And, while I get a great deal of satisfaction from both forms of expression, I feel my artistic ability is a more natural gift and my greater strength.

I attended the Columbus College of Art and Design, and later graduated from Ohio University’s College of Communication with an interest in Visual Communication. While working a job in multimedia, I rediscovered my joy of painting with a move toward plein air. I found the process influenced my studio work, and I continue to be excited by my discoveries.

I believe my hometown, and the landscape around it, is as beautiful as nature has to offer. I’m constantly reminded of the area’s deep history and find no lack of subjects for my art. I paint outside, immersed in nature. I paint inside, inspired by what I’ve seen, and aided by studies and photos.

I strive to recreate atmosphere and luminance in my paintings by applying thin layers of paint and varying levels of transparency. I’m primarily an oil painter, who also works with watercolors. In addition to landscapes, I enjoy portraiture and still life.